A  2 day canvas workshop is right when you have a product to sell to a market. 

  • When launching a new product 
  • As a part of the marketing planning cycle - i.e. before/during writing the marketing plan
  • Before revamping your website
  • Ad hoc - you have an existing product competing in a market and want to raise your game



The solution marketing canvas workshop is for HR tech vendors.

The Director of Marketing (CMO) and the Sales Director (CSO) must participate. In addition to this, it is highly recomended that the product manager (PM/CTO) participates. 

In this way the team will benefit from a shared understanding of the marketing strategy.



The  canvas workshop is a comprehensive framework for the fundamental marketing planning process. 

  • Get your product, service and message right
    • Get qualified leads
    • Increase win rate
    • Reduce churn
  • Get everyone on the same page - align marketing, sales and product/service development efforts
  • Learn the theory of marketing for the complex sale
  • Lead with confidence